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2016 – 2017


Tenebrae – Latin for darkness, murkiness, gloom and also the unknown or secrecy. These are all of the things that I found abroad, in the homeland Vietnam, that was never my own. As a „German“ with a so-called migration background – I’m a first generation immigrant who was born and grew up in Germany. Yet I don’t have a sense of belonging to either my parents homeland or my everyday surroundings in Germany. Due to my multicultural identity, I always have this feeling that I’m foreign. In my life there are constantly moments of difference in which different cultural worlds–Vietnam, China, Germany–collide, making it impossible for me to answer the question of my own cultural Identity. The feeling of a discrepancy, of ambiguity, and of the foreignness is shared by many who are cultural hybrids. Even though they usually have multiple places of reference, none of them can be considered a real homeland.

In my work i wish to convey those feelings, that are constantly with me. For those looking at my pictures, it is „the foreign“, that general feeling of uncanniness, the foreign darkness of the unknown but also the magic of the unfamiliar. I want him to take part in my uprooted, diffuse world, confronting him with images that appears dark, nocturnal and ambiguous.